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Webinar Serious Mental Illness and Homelessness

| - (EST)

This webinar will feature three panelists in a roundtable discussion about serving individuals with serious mental illness who are experiencing homelessness.



  • Gordon C. Shen, Ph.D., S.M. (Moderator), Assistant Professor, Department of Management, Policy, and Community Health, The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  • Rosita ("Rosie") Marinez, Director of Housing Operations, Fountain House, New York City, New York
  • Juliana Wallace, Senior Director of Mental Health & Culturally Specific Services, Central City Concern, Portland, Oregon
  • Donald Whitehead Jr., Executive Director, National Coalition for the Homeless, Washington, D.C.

Upcoming Events & Webinars

Webinar Stabilizing Housing for Families of Children who Experience Mental Health and/or Substance Use Challenges: Part I: Understanding the Challenges Families Face and the Benefits Available to Them

| - (EST)

In this 2-part series presented by the Homeless and Housing Resource Center (HHRC) and National Family Support Technical Assistance Center (NFSTAC), we will share important information about family homelessness and the supports available to help families regain housing stability

Webinar Whole-Person Care for People Experiencing Homelessness and Opioid Use Disorder

| - (EST)

In this webinar, we introduce the Whole-Person Care for People Experiencing Homelessness and Opioid Use Disorder Toolkit, a new resource to support and assist people experiencing homelessness and OUD with a whole-person care approach that supports and facilitates the recovery journey and a fulfilling life in their communities.

Webinar Taking a Trauma-Informed Approach with Events of Escalation

| - (EST)

Join SAMHSA’s Homeless and Housing Resource Center as our panelists explore using trauma-informed, compassionate, and respectful de-escalation techniques when aiding participants and staff during and after events of escalation.

Webinar Street Medicine for Unsheltered Individuals: Serving People Where They Are

| - (EST)

Learn about the street medicine model and the importance of utilizing a multi-disciplinary team to strengthen continuity of care and housing stability for the unsheltered population.

Webinar Supporting the Mental Health and Treatment Needs of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness During COVID-19

| - (EST)

In this webinar, we explore equitable and culturally appropriate interventions to engage people experiencing homelessness in treatment and deliver services in non-congregate settings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinar Eviction Prevention and Housing Retention During and After COVID-19

| - (EST)

This webinar explores best practices in implementing data-informed, targeted prevention efforts that prioritize racial equity and strategies that can be implemented now to prevent future housing instability when the moratoria expire.

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