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Webinar Disaster Response Planning for Homeless Service Providers

| - (EST)

People experiencing homelessness face unique challenges and barriers that complicate and intensify in disaster situations. Planning for disaster response is essential for people experiencing homelessness who have behavioral health conditions and the providers that serve them.



  • Matt Olsson, Moderator, Homebase
  • Patrick Wigmore, Moderator, Homebase
  • Michael Gause, Ending Homelessness Program Manager, Sonoma County Community Development Commission, California
  • Jennielynn Holmes, MPA, Chief Program Officer, Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa, California
Webinar Supporting the Mental Health and Treatment Needs of Individuals Experiencing Homelessness During COVID-19

| - (EST)

In this webinar, we explore equitable and culturally appropriate interventions to engage people experiencing homelessness in treatment and deliver services in non-congregate settings during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Webinar Eviction Prevention and Housing Retention During and After COVID-19

| - (EST)

This webinar explores best practices in implementing data-informed, targeted prevention efforts that prioritize racial equity and strategies that can be implemented now to prevent future housing instability when the moratoria expire.

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