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Webinar Expanding Harm Reduction through Increased Syringe Access

| - (EST)

This webinar will discuss the ways in which health centers and other community-based organizations can expand harm reduction services by offering syringe access to participants through direct service delivery and partnership.



  • Coleman Cox, Prevention Supervisor, Cherokee Nation Behavioral Health Harm Reduction Program
  • Dra. Tania Rodriquez, Ph.D, MHSA, MA, CACIII, Chief Executive Officer, Migrant Health Center
  • Hendryx Malaret Olavarria, Special Projects and Clinical Facilities Director, Migrant Health Center

Upcoming Webinars

Webinar Low-Barrier Shelter Models for People Who Use Drugs

| - (EST)

This webinar will feature Camillus House (Miami, FL) and Prevention Point (Philadelphia, PA) sharing information about their low-barrier shelter models for people who use drugs.

Webinar Employing Peer Workers: An Organization’s Perspective

| - (EST)

In this webinar, panelists will answer questions about the challenges and opportunities organizations experience when establishing new peer roles.

Webinar The Peer Support Experience: In Our Own Words

| - (EST)

This webinar, led by panelists currently providing peer services, will introduce a new toolkit developed to provide guidance and strategies to integrate and sustain peer workers within homeless service organizations.

Webinar Xylazine: An Introduction for Service Providers Working with Unhoused Individuals

| - (EST)

In this webinar, panelists will provide a brief overview of Xylazine, a substance newly found in illicit drug supplies, and its impacts on the unsheltered community.

Webinar Outreach and Housing Support for Individuals with Psychotic Disorders

| - (EST)

This panel examines outreach and housing support strategies for individuals with psychotic disorders.

Webinar Introduction to Psychotic Disorders

| - (EST)

This 90-minute webinar aims to provide education and introduce several skills and techniques for working with individuals experiencing symptoms of psychosis.